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YouTube’da Alışverişte Devrim Yaratıyor: E-Ticaretin Geleceği Açığa Çıkıyor!

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YouTube’da Alışverişte Devrim Yaratıyor: E-Ticaretin Geleceği Açığa Çıkıyor!

08-09-2023 Facebook

YouTube’da Alışverişte Devrim Yaratıyor: E-Ticaretin Geleceği Açığa Çıkıyor!

YouTube’da Alışverişte Devrim Yaratıyor: E-Ticaretin Geleceği Açığa Çıkıyor!

Your Ultimate Guide to YouTube’s Shopping Feature


In a stunning move that merges the worlds of content creation and e-commerce, YouTube has unleashed a groundbreaking feature that promises to reshape the way we shop online. Dubbed “YouTube Shopping,” this innovation seamlessly integrates product tagging, live broadcasts, and sales strategies, turning your favorite videos into a shopping paradise. Hold onto your seats as we delve into the future of online shopping, where entertainment meets retail therapy.


Tagging Products with Finesse: Unveil the Shopping Experience


Imagine watching a captivating video and suddenly, a product icon catches your eye. With a simple click, a treasure trove of items and their prices are unveiled before you. Should your curiosity get the better of you, clicking on your desired item guides you straight to the seller’s site. But here’s the clincher – every successful purchase pads the YouTube channel’s coffers with a commission, a slice of the pie from the sale.


Of course, not every channel is eligible to join this retail revolution. Kid-friendly, musical, and artist-centric channels take a back seat in this venture. Even those who dare to flout the community guidelines are left out in the cold. Plus, videos with copyright claims are off-limits for peddling products.


Adding products to your videos is a breeze. Think end screens and cards, but with an enticing twist – a realm called product tagging. Here, you have the power to showcase a cornucopia of brands within a single video. However, remember that you can flaunt up to 30 products at a time. The cherry on top: the system calculates commissions based on item prices. These commissions are a direct proportion of the channel’s earnings – a solid 100%. For instance, if a $30 product sells with a 10% commission, that extra cash lands right in the channel’s lap.


Worried about missing out on link opportunities? Fret not. If you’ve already included product links in your video description, YouTube takes the initiative to suggest them as you’re busy at the tagging station.


Lights, Camera, Shopping: Elevate Your Live Streams


The fun doesn’t stop at pre-recorded videos. Live streams hop on the shopping bandwagon, too. Let’s talk about product tagging on-the-fly, allowing you to seize sales opportunities as they unfold. With a little wizardry, you can pin products to your live stream so viewers can feast their eyes on your merch without missing the action.


Think it can’t get any better? Think again. Viewers can now dip their toes into a shopping spree during your live broadcasts. A single tap on the product tab and voilà – they’re exploring a catalog tailor-made for their impulses.


Desktop or mobile, the choice is yours. Want to tag products while live streaming? Head to the Live Control Room, where you can tinker with the magic labeled “shopping.” A neat thirty products await your virtuosity.


Cash Flow and Payment Prowess


When users click the ‘buy’ button, you hit the jackpot. A predetermined commission accompanies each purchase. Every cent of that commission belongs to you, serving as a testament to the beauty of this transactional tango. But here’s the catch – these earnings saunter into your AdSense account within a span of 60 to 120 days. It’s all about timing, folks. Returns, payment schedules, the works.


But wait, there’s more. Once a viewer clicks a product link while watching your content, you’re in the money. As long as they don’t venture off to another channel’s link for that same product, you’re earning commissions for up to a whopping 30 days.


Golden Nuggets of Wisdom: Crafting a Sales Strategy


What’s a shopping spree without strategy, right? The secret sauce is choosing products that jive with your audience’s vibe. If these products are your personal favorites, even better – your endorsement packs a punch. And oh, remember to get your audience involved. The more they interact with these products, the more likely they are to take the plunge.


In the treasure trove of your old videos, go for the gold – products that have already captivated your viewers. In the world of fresh content, be consistent. Why? Because product sales thrive in the spotlight of what’s hot and trending.


The Pulse of Progress: Dive into the Analytics


Curious about how your shopping empire is faring? Delve into the data. Once products have been launched, the analytics section will reveal a trove of insights. Click through the “affiliate program” tab under the “revenue” header, and prepare to be wowed. What sold like hotcakes? How many eyeballs graced each item? From clicks to orders, your earnings will come to life, bolstered by these precious analytics.


Summing It Up: The Shopping Odyssey


In a nutshell, selected channels are getting the golden ticket to amass extra earnings through product sales. This program is about to rewrite the playbook of content monetization. Armed with savvy strategies and a deep dive into your target audience’s desires, you’re primed to boost your income effortlessly.


Welcome to a new era of online commerce, where YouTube isn’t just about watching – it’s about shopping, too. The lines between entertainment and e-commerce are fading fast, and you’re at the forefront of this groundbreaking journey. Get ready to indulge, explore, and shop your heart out, all within the confines of your favorite YouTube videos. Your shopping cart awaits!

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